About:Who’s Adi?

-I want to know what hunger feels like,
-I want to know what it means to wake up one morning and be unsure of where I’ll be the next,
-I want to feel the earth and the wind and the snow as if its all I have,
-I want to experience the freedom of no possessions,
-I want to see through the eyes of the underprivileged and take their blistered hands as my own,
-I want to give back as much as I take
-I want to breath without pollution,
-I want to live in the uninhabited.

I’m just a seventeen year old girl on a journey.
I’m a thinker, a writer, a philosopher and a student.
I love my bike and my running shoes, mostly I love my bike.
I adore the sun,
I live for the mountains and the earth.
I have a passion for all things in their natural, organic state.

I hope to become a part time yoga instructor
I hope to spend a large chunk of my life serving in Africa, wherever it is I am needed.
I hope to never stop learning, thinking and discovering.
I hope to travel…
to live out of a backpack, and experience what its like to have no possessions..

But first I must get healthy and that’s where I will begin. I’m 5’4” and the scale only reads in the 80s. This is my journey.

Check out “The Gaining Diaries” at http://adieats.wordpress.com/


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