What is an ending

Monday. I start school tomorrow.

What is it about summer that makes us aspire to get out and do the things we “have always wanted” to, chase after more adventures and act as if finally, we can live? Is it the weather? most likely not. Is it the longer days? we feel like we have more time so maybe. It’s the approaching deadline. There is a definite ending. If your a procrastinator like myself, the sight of a cutoff is the only way things get done. It’s exciting because it doesn’t last. Summer may have reached its end, but my “bucket list” still remains incomplete.


Why is it that we feel we have those short two months to live. The only “deadline” I want in my life is the one in which I stop breathing. Life hasn’t ended because summer has and life didn’t start when summer did. So I will continue life. I’ll keep my summer attitude and I’ll keep crossing things off my bucket list.


6 responses to “What is an ending

  • Miriam

    What’s your bucket list? Starting a bucket list is at the very top for me, lol. You could think about school being like a new summer, a different kind of summer, in which we can “really live” life as well. There’s so much to learn, people to meet, it’s a wonderful thing, and I hope that you can continue to see each day as such 🙂

    • adifey

      i have never actually written it out, it’s just a bunch of to-dos in my head but I think I will, I’ll let you know.
      It is indeed, life is a beautiful thing.

  • Paola Angeli

    Great outlook on summer, Adina! You’re totally right; I myself didn’t complete my bucket list and summer for me ended a week ago. But that doesn’t mean I can’t continue working on it! Have a great day tomorrow!

    Thanks for that 😉
    Paola ❤

  • dom

    A feeling of freedom and carelessness is what makes us feel that way during summer, I guess. 🙂
    Even if you have important things to do and deadlines to meet, you still feel more relaxed and free than ever (at least I do). There’s just that kind of magical feeling that summer has. 🙂

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