My Food Philosophy

That says it all!!! haha, just kidding. 

comming soon, I assure you


One response to “My Food Philosophy

  • Gay'l Yocom

    Hey there Adina,
    It’s me Gay’l, (card artist from the coffee shop). How are you. You gave me your blog address awhile ago and I found the sticky note on my inventory book for my cards. So I finally checked it out. Really cool! I love how you have it set up.
    I also will try your new oatmeal power breakfast recipe! Looks fantastic! Where do you get your chia seeds? Have you ever tried Sunbutter? It is sunflower seed butter. Very yummy and really healthy. My kids and I love it. Vitamin Cottage.
    My still best friend from 9th grade, had an eating disorder in high school. She was in a center for her disorder for about 4 weeks our senior year. She is fine now. Just thought it was interesting.
    Read the word and keep up with your relationship with God. He is there for you every step. You just have to reach out to him.
    God bless. See you at the shop soon!

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