I Like How The Day Sounds

“Join me in welcoming the sun in

It’s much brighter than the night I hid in, I was a long long way off”


Why choose to live in the dark? Maybe there is a reason that so many kids fear it, that we sleep through it, maybe not. Maybe there is a reason we are not nocturnal. We need light.

Our days should be bright.

Our thoughts should be uplifting,

Our spirit glowing.

“And I think I like how the day sounds.”

God & all of you who’ve helped me so much a long the way:

“Thank you for opening the window, the sky is clear as my mind is now. Join me in welcoming the sun in. It’s well worth the time that it’s taken to get here now.”

And to All of us, let’s keep pushing, keep dancing and keep living in the daylight. All problem’s aside, we are only human. Meant to live, meant to LOVE


“So go ahead and bang a gong.


Nothing can drown out the sound of the whisper of my love.”     …or her’s….


When I typed sunshine in Google, this stunning woman’s picture appeared before my eyes. No doubt she is someone’s sunshine, I know her beautiful smile lit up my sky. Let her happiness be contagious.

“Oh my love, won’t you sing along?”

“Wont you sing along?”


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