My previously too baggy skinny jeans fit! Woot!


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  • Paola Angeli

    XD !!!

    Feels nice to be getting ur womanly curves back, doesn’t it?! I remember when that happened to me….I was like so excited lol. Finally looking like a 17 year-old-girl instead of a 12 year-old-boy is such a relief. So congrats !!!

    Paola ❤

    • adifey

      It does!!! It’s worth it. Haha, I use those same ages when I talk about it to others, I always feel like a twelve year old! lol Curves are wonderful.

      Thanks girl.

  • Emily

    Hi Adina!

    Yay! I’m so glad that your clothes are fitting again. Stupid ED’s opinion is that pants should always be baggy so that we can feel how skinny we are, but he is so wrong. Pants aren’t meant to be potato sacks, and I’m glad your pants fit you like pants should. Way to go!

    Thank you also for your comment on my blog when I was having a confusing and stressful day of dealing with ED. Somehow, I actually do feel stronger with this community of support from bloggies like you! We can beat ED!

    Take care!


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