Hey guys!!

I’ve missed you! ❤

So I’ve been doing some thinking  about the direction I would like this blog to take. For now, it’s a recovery blog. A place for me to record some of the thoughts that run through my head, share my struggles, learn about myself and how to fight my eating disorder. while informing the people I love about the things involved they cannot see. My initial goal was to keep myself on the path to health and to unmuddle the mess I was living in. So far, it’s helped soo much, life is without a doubt becoming clearer thanks to all my support.

But I have been thinking about the future and I’ve decided that I would like to keep this up for as long as it serves me. I would like it to take on the direction of I guess a lifestyle blog? I don’t want to limit what I document to just nutrition or fitness or travel, I would like to do it all. But I would like it to have direction. Life gives us so much, and I think its worthy of reading/writing about.
I’d like to share about the things I love

I’d like to share about fitness(and of course some tips)

I’d like to share about adventure

about achieving new heights

about stumbling (because I do this a lot :P)

about pushing the limits and finding personal strength

about yoga

about compassion, traveling and new cultures


And the wholesome, real food along the way

as well as the nutrition behind it

and of course, you can’t forget a good cup of coffee…

These are all the things I look forward to sharing with you on my journey to strive for a healthy, full life. As I learn about the foods we nurish ourselves with and the way we achieve physical strength/health.

First and formost, this blog remains a recovery blog. Its about me finding the healthy way to enjoy excercise without addiction and eating properly without restriction. But I will do my best to incorporate this kind of stuff along the way.



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