Mmmm this was delicious. I always tell of my breakfast but today I thought I would picture it. I love this combo, eggs, grapes and avocado (Today I added some Zuchinni and spinach) The other half of my breakfast will probably involve some almond butter and some sort of grain…

I woke up late this morning, okay, normal for a day off of school but too late to go to yoga. I’m not going to let this bother me, I had time to make eggs and wake up slowly which I love.

I was thinking the other day…

It’s funny the things in life that define you.

Genetics, Upbringing, circumstances, interests, dislikes. It makes you wonder how much of who we are is our choice and how much is almost programmed.Since I don’t like to feel like a robot, I like to think I choose most of it. One thing I have always underestimated is how much the physical influences personality.

In my heart I know who I am.

I should…I spend waaay too much time with myself :p These days, I’m the only one who can see me, everything about my physicality shows the opposite of who I am. Muscles, that get smaller everyday, weakness. I am not weak. There is an undeniable sickness, I used to pride myself in my health. Healthy lifestyle and a 100% pure record at the doctors.

People knew me for my adventurous spirit, strength, endurance and ability to test the bounds of nature with an unwaveringly optimistic attitude. I never let much get me down.

As if my body decided to rebel, it changed on me. You would no longer associate these qualities with my personality looking at me now. I’m still that girl inside, I just wish the mirror showed it, I wish my bike could have her company, I wish my body could keep up.. Guess I’m too tough for it 😛

I’m tired of being a walking contradiction.


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