Running Shoes and Twists

After waking up to the most adorable little mouse running across my floor, into my closet, then into the safety of my shoes… AH! I’ve decided to spend the past few nights downstairs in the guest bedroom. I don’t know what it is about that room, but I always sleep sooo well, and last night was no different. I slept hard, which is odd because I should have been too excited for the snowboarding trip we were supposed to leave for on that morning! 3 days in the most beautiful place, in the most beautiful house in Leadville, Snowboarding all day then hot chocolate in my aunt and uncle’s hot tub. 🙂 And the scenery, I seriously cannot express in words the feeling that comes when you wake up in the upstairs loft to the sun rising over the highest mountains of the Rockies and glistening over the treetops. I see it all the time but it never gets old. hmmm, its amazing!! haha I’m getting a little carried away. Well, ANyWays..I hadn’t even packed so I set my alarm extra early. Of course, I slept through it and woke up to my mother coming to give me the bad news. I was so confused when I saw that the clock said 9:30 already, then angry that she didn’t get me up earlier. I had things to do! But circumstances and road conditions had postponed the drive. Good old Colorado. Sometimes life has other plans for you.

So instead, we did a little shopping. I got a new pair of Running SHoes!! 🙂 They’re coming in the mail and I can’t wait! Trying them on felt incredible, and running has never felt better than the block i did to test them out. Man, I miss it. Life is going to be sooo rad once I can get out there and run again. But wow have I lost strength. It’s like little bits of myself are disappearing everyday. I’ve gotta kick up the food, my muscles need FUEL, I just feel so sick forcing myself to eat these days. Oh well, it’ll all be worth it right? Right. Those shoes were just a little reminder of all the things that this world offers.

I hit the yoga mat this evening and it was all about twists. The whole hour we were working on balancing and releasing toxins. Just perfect. As if life was nothing more than a murky pond, we hold on to so much that weighs us down and prevents pure and beautiful living. It often gets so clouded up you can’t see the beauty in it but if you wipe away the moss the sun’s light is allowed to reflect off the surface. It felt wonderful to cleans myself of some of the dirt holding me back, you don’t even realize your holding onto the gunk until it’s gone. Another thing I love about the spring time, it’s a season of cleansing and new life. Pure Beauty. 🙂


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