Rainy Days and Snow Days

In my neighborhood, there’s a lake. It’s a beautiful lake. It’s a dirty lake. full of geese and their treasures, mud and bugs, its natural and so so beautiful. It’s one of my favorite places to take pictures not only because of the image on the camera but because of the memories it holds. Almost all of which have happened in the spring time. Today as I passed it on my way home from my two-hour school day (CSAP week, yeah baby) I was reminded of a sixth grader who used to ride around for hours on her roller blades listening to tunes and enjoying the fresh air and the huge trees much older than she. This was me whenever it rained, everyone used to say snuggle up and read a book but I would laugh and strap on my blades, rain was a sign that it was time to head outdoors.
Today looked just like one of those rainy days, at least for an hour. It was one of those we often have in crazy Colorado when the sun shines, rain falls and we go to bed with the news of a Snow Day tomorrow!! that’s right, I’m so excited. Not sure what I will do but I’m looking forward to a lazy morning and most likely a nice warm bowl of oatmeal…

Anyways, it’s gorgeous outside on the deck right now, almost surreal after the wonderful sun we have had the past week. One of the strangest things about nature is that you can always rely on it to be both sturdy, reliable and completely surprising. It’s full of opposites. Just like the lake with its bird poo covered graceful waters. nature with its opposites is always full of balance.

I know without a doubt that one of the most worthwhile goals a human can have is to strive for balance. Balance between all things, physical, spiritual and emotional. We are apart of nature, yet too often we forget this and think nature is apart of us. Sometimes you just need to set aside the ego and realize that you’re apart of something much bigger and much more beautiful than yourself. ❤


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