My motto for the day! And I was so right, today was another wonderful day.

It was also a day of spirituality and delicious yoga.

Upon waking from my Saturday morning snooze, I marched my lazy butt downstairs, poured my one cup of coffee and turned on Pandora. Wasn’t sure about breakfast yet so I checked my e-mail and chatted with my dad. We were both on the computers so we started researching zen gardens for the garden we are designing in the backyard. He told me to look up Wabi Sabi, a Japanese view about seeing the beauty in things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. I thought this was a perfect description of what we are as human, I’m also considering doing a little blog series on this pretty soon, I have a lot of ideas and its all up in the air so as soon as I get a handle on them, you’ll be hearing a lot more about this concept of beauty. Anyways at this point I decided it was about time for some fuel and remembered that I had a tun of fruit just waiting to be eaten. I sliced myself a big bowl of berries, pineapple, grapes, papaya…etc, added some greek yogurt, wheat flakes and flax-seed and dug in, o it was delicious but it needed some nuts! Then came the almond butter and a big handful of almonds, delish! Breakfast is definitely my favorite, haha, yeah…

While I was eating, my dad and I talked, really talked. it reached in deep but not painfully, I gained some healing and a peace that I carried with me all day. We started with balance, what I have begun to see as the key to living with peace happiness and that attractive glow we all wish we had. (This you will also hear a lot more about in the blogs about Japanese beauty, so I’ll leave that for another day) We discussed about things bigger than our earthy design, the condition of our feeble mortal beings, and the teacher life shows itself to be. It was purely, simply healthy. Better than any therapy session and the best part? For the rest of the day I have eaten freely, heard my bodies hunger, honored it and didn’t listen to what I “should” do. I hope this means my baby steps toward healing were joined with a large step in the right direction. I also hope more than anything that I can hold on to this relaxed attitude towards eating. (I can’t deal with the stress any longer)

By this time I had missed the yoga class I’ve been wanting to attend…again. one of my favorite instructors started teaching a yoga for meditation class saturday mornings and for the past two months it just hasn’t worked out. Good news did arrive via text message, someone had greater plans for me today, FREE yoga at Old Town yoga! My dearest friend and I took full advantage. It was incredible. I can’t rememeber the last time I felt like this much of a noodle after class. I was riding high all day!!! Man, was I happy. It was just juicy!!! I probably said that word twenty times today haha but today WAS juicy! Juicy and delicious! I learned A LOT about alignment but the best part was that I totally connected with the movements, my breath and meditation. Another journey on a spiritual path. And man im going to feel it tomorrow! So worth it though!!

Today was a day for growth, a day for thought, a day without tears and with smiles, a day with laughter, with work and relaxation, both pain and pleasure. Today had beauty, it had sunshine (and clouds :() Today had balance. It was as juicy as the sweet pineapple it began with.

Today I learned a little more about letting go.


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