Confusion after Dinner

I have a drawing to finish for class tomorrow so I’m keeping this post short..

I’m a little frustrated, sad, dissapointed, upset, confused right now. Why is it that we don’t take the time to get pleasure from our food. Real pleasure. I’m not talking about the few seconds of “satisfaction” when you indulge in a guilty pleasure behind the wheel of your car. I’m talking about the whole experience, the atmosphere, the smells, the presentation, the beauty in picking out and preparing fresh, whole foods and how it tastes to the pallet. Eating is a sensual experience and more often than not, I feel like I miss out on this. We take the time when company comes, we pull out the multitude of those tried and true family favorites to try and please everyone, and a few of those no one can be sure how they made it into the mix in the first place… there’s plenty of food. Usually more focus is on the conversation, ha I usually leave having noo idea what I was putting in my mouth most of the night.

While this isn’t necessarily bad social gatherings are awesome and should be celebrated to the extreme!! It’s just that recently, the pleasure in food is hard to find. I hate forcing myself to eat and not really enjoying it. Especially around others, I feel like I have to eat to please them. I’m going to work on this. Life is too short to do anything without pleasure. Food is delish and I want to enjoy every bit of it 🙂


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