A little taste of joy

Today was a wonderfully beautiful sunny day in the middle of a very stormy week.

I woke up with an extra half hour to get ready, such a great feeling! I wasn’t going to take a shower but after the pretty dismal nights sleep, I decided one was necessary. Smelling fresh and fabulous, I dressed in a quick old standby and took the blow dryer to the pathetic mess I call hair all will jammin to my fabulous pandora. My Jack Johnson station has been ROcKin lately!! After this, I still had time for what has become a new favorite breakfast of mine, cottage cheese on toast w/ some cinnamon 🙂 delish!!

just after that, we headed out to CSU for a college shadow. My good friend and I had a good time on campus. It’s been alittle over four weeks without coffee, but I decided to have a cup this morning while we were in the dinning hall. It sure was good, but I only drank half the cup…. now that I think of it, this could have something to do with my good mood. But mostly, I think it was the absolutely gorgeous weather we had!! After CSU, I headed to class for about two hours, then cashed a fairly juicy paycheck, aand could not get over how wonderful the sun felt! I caught up with some friends today. I’ve been neglecting the whole social area of my life lately. I’m not sure if its because I lack the energy, if I’m just to apathetic these days, or if I just don’t want anyone to see me…

The rest of this week has been, well stormy. And I’m not talking wheather.  I’ve been feeling depressed. The kind of depressed where you just want to dissapear into a hole. Getting out of bed has been so hard, I have no interest in anything and have had a complete lack of appetite (definitely the opposite of what I need to get healthy) I just haven’t been myself.

But today was so much better!! Still no appetite, yeah I still cried. I just can’t help it when the slightest pump into the counter reminds me that I have no protection around my poor bones. Yet, today these tears felt healthy. They came from talking about my issues with friends. I finally got to talk to one of my best girlfriends whose been worried about me(but not saying anything). They were a little release of some of the toxins I’ve been carrying around. Sounds like its time for me to do a little yoga.

Not a whole lot of yoga has been done this week (mostly because my nights have been spent cleaning and workin the coffee shop) 😦 soo sad. Even sadder is the lack of excersise, it’s killing me. I’m sick of dealing with this crap, I just want to stop fighting and be able to work out, move, and grow! i blame the lack of endorphines as the source of my depression. Oh my my my.

It was indeed a beautiful day.

Now I’m off to make a gooey almond butter sandwich and work on my drawing project.

Hope I’m not the only one whose friday was warm and sunny. Tomorrow will be too, I can feel it 😀


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