My First Official Post, all about SUNSHINE!

The clock says 9:20, but it feels like 8:20, you can thank daylight savings for that one… at least the sun shines later. And shine it certainly did today, for what feels like the first time in ages, and I absolutely LOVED it! This morning as I was sitting by the window eating my delicious lunch of breakfast crepes and attempting to zip through the January pages of my new devotional book, I realized that this week represents a turn in the way things have been going.

January 5th, the title: Bringing Sunshine Back, automatically my heart lit up a little brighter. As I eagerly started reading, I realized how fitting the description of a rainy day between winter and spring was. (being as it’s March and indeed one of those crazy Colorado days of sunshine in between snowstorms) But as the story reads on, the girl has reached her limits and when she finally breaks down, her little sister goes to her and says that it will be alright and the sun will shine tomorrow. How fitting! I am in the middle of my own storm but finally, the sun is shining. It was a little message that winter is coming to an end, my time in this skeletal half body is also going to come to an end. Life’s calling and I need to get back out there, ride my bike and get my muscle back. But alas, life is what you make it. For the sun to stay out, I need to make the effort. Yes, something is holding me back. What? I don’t know. We’re getting closer to finding it out. Hopefully this blog will help clear away a few of the clouds hiding the answers, and reveal to the world that being thin is sooo overrated.

even when the sky is covered in clouds, the sun hasn’t actually gone anywhere you just have to know where to look to see it. Have faith. ❤


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